Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Exam Day 1 - Theoretical Perspectives of Sociology

OK, here's an update on my studies. After my initial enthusiasm I didn't post more study updates because I took an extended break on finding out that my exams were postponed They didn't start on the 23rd anymore but were pushed back to the 4th - that's today.

Meanwhile, I spent my time slogging in office and finished with Sociology of Development. I started studying for today's paper on Friday night and had covered half of the syllabus by yesterday. That wasn't all that bad and the odd question format was such that I only had to study half and would still be able to attempt all 100 marks.

This was the first time I was writing any exam in 5 years so I was a bit rusty and took time to get going but managed to do just about OK. It's going to be a just pass scenario or I will miss the boat by 5-10 marks. It all depends on the way these papers are checked, I have no idea right now. Next one's on Monday - again one where I haven't yet started.

Lessons learned:

- Wear a wristwatch, it is very important to have a sense of time while writing any exam.

- If you haven't written anything using a pen and paper for over a month (in my case, 5 years) practice writing for long periods of time. Those 3 hours in the exam hall can be more taxing on your wrists than a 3 hour bike ride.

- Revise what you have learned thoroughly and forget all about the stuff you haven't started with. I forgot a few crucial parts for the 2 answers I knew well.