Saturday, February 5, 2011

List of DOs and Not TO DOs while at IDOL, Mumbai

This is a work in progress post -- expect additions with each visit to the university

Taking admission:
Carry a whitener
Carry a black ball pen, then you wont make the mistake of filling the form with a blue pen
Visit the campus on a weekday as there are fewer people around. Another option is to go on late on the last day. If the deadline cannot be extended you can be assured that the admission will be done by night in half the time it would have taken otherwise.

How to work your exams
Read the official books given by the university. If you can make your way past the spelling/factual mistakes you will do fine.
Work on your handwriting - practice practice practice!

Exam Results:
DO NOT enter your register number for checking your results. It is your seat number that gives you your actual verdict.

Exam Notifications
The exam dates might/MIGHT NOT come up on the site. Before exam time check the site every day and collect your hall tickets as soon as they are available. My second year exams started 7 days after the hall tickets were being distributed and I missed my exams because I collected the hall ticket after 10 days. Too late by then :D

Every country gets the government it deserves

When I read the news about Kashmiri leaders calling for independence and Indian politicians discussing how to silence them, I can't help but relate the situation to the Indian fight for independence. I struggle for reasons why the Kashmiri struggle is any different.

The reactions of the for and against media is similar.

There are extremists on both sides.

Some of the extremists receive help from foreign interests (remember Subhash Chandra Bose receiving help from Japan!)

There are the moderates of course on both sides.

The British were firmly in control of India till the end of the second World War so going by history, it's just a countdown till India faces a major economic recession.

I hope Kashmiri History text books are not banned in India :D